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Award-winning digital marketing executive and creative production professional with a proven track record of performing targeted, measurable, and interactive promotion of products and services that successfully reach and convert leads into customers.

I market brands, build preferences, engage with customers, and increase awareness through existing and emerging digital marketing techniques.


How I Built a brand


My Accomplishments

International Digital Content

Managed and developed all digital content for RumChata in the US, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Puerto Rico, Spain, Germany and the UK.

I have as well managed all digital content for: Tippy Cow, Agave Loco, Holly Nog, Travis Hasse, Dancing Goat Distillery and Somrus.

Creative Production

Directed all online content production in 8 countries across 7 brands, developing RumChata into the  #1 most-watched spirits brand on YouTube in US (top 5 internationally).

Most Engaged Spirit Brand

RumChata was the most engaged with Spirit Brand on Facebook under my direction.


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